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It was about telling the best story we could and the most thoughtful story we could and creating characters that were dimensional and had something to say. Anything that sort of comes from there—that’s the foundation. You’ve mentioned that people online have had a lot of reaction over their relationship. ” Don’t think we didn’t explore that in the writer’s room.

Now that you’re an actor, you’ll be subjected to the same question I ask everyone, which is: How was filming your first love scene? There was a moment where it was like, “Well, is that a thing?

I think that what we really found interesting about the Stevie dynamic is the question of what happens to a person who is so aware of who they are, of what they’re projecting?

What happens to that person if they meet someone who they really are in tune with emotionally?

I just kept telling myself: this is a person who has spent his entire life being someone else.

And that he’s constructed an interesting, artistic guy that no one is really buying except for himself.

On the show, the family stays at a rundown motel presided over by the surly rural babe Stevie, played by Emily Hampshire (also currently appearing on ).

Did you have any rare pansexual characters in film or T. It was just who he was and who his family had accepted him to be., a broad half-hour sitcom viewed by over a million people a week.And, even more impressively, this is no Lifetime Movie of the Week reveal—his character’s I-bang-girls-and-guys-and-whoever-really orientation is treated like it’s NBD. The critically acclaimed show—which is also broadcast in the U. on Pop—follows a spoiled family of four post–financial crisis as they move to the titular tiny town.A gifted comic actor who also won acclaim as a writer and director, Eugene Levy was born on December 17, 1946, in Hamilton, Ontario, the home of Mc Master University, where he enrolled after graduating from Westdale High School in the same city.Levy studied film at Mc Master, and, in 1967, became vice president of the Mc Master Film Board, a student film group where he met fellow aspiring moviemaker Ivan Reitman.

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(The paterfamilias, played by Levy, has owned it ever since he bought it as a joke for his son’s birthday.) Along with Levys Senior and Junior, the cast includes comedy legend Catherine O’Hara as the monstrous bewigged mama and spirited newcomer Annie Murphy—who starred in our ingénue fashion shoot last fall—as the self-absorbed little sister.

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