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Dim str Query As String str Query = "SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE Supplier ID = 12" Adodc1. Refresh At run-time you can reset the Data Source property to a different data source.

When building flex or flash applications, it is extremely important to think about browser navigation.At run time, the Data Source can be programmatically switched to view a different table, or you can modify the query of the current database to return a different set of records.Note The Data Grid control is code-compatible with the DBGrid control that shipped in Visual Basic 5.0 with one exception: the Data Grid control doesn't support the DBGrid notion of "unbound mode." The DBGrid control is included with Visual Basic in the Tools directory.tag is the SELECTED attribute, give it a value and it figures out which one to pre-select.The Flex Combo Box allows you to set selected Index (the relative element position) but not selected Value.

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