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Even though I only created websites for a hobby back then, I have kicked myself ever since for not realizing the potential of information.

When people say content websites are just a fad and not a viable business, I have a story that says otherwise…

Do you know what the MOST RELIABLE and EASIEST method for success on the internet is?

You don't need to pay a "guru" hundreds of dollars to figure it out, there is no "Adsense Secret"...

In fact, the method can be successfully completed by Keeping It Simple... You can buy hundreds of online internet business services that promise website success, but it ALL boils down to the basic concept of interesting content.

There is an abundance of never-ending news and information being created 24 hours a day.

However it is getting for anyone with a computer to operate a CMS website.

The problem is the majority of these niche websites are destined to fail right from the beginning. Like a house, Websites need to have a sturdy structure, which everything else is built on top of.

Maybe you finally finished building the shed in your backyard, or maybe you have given up on some new years resolutions.

For myself, this was my first experience with providing content online and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Many of you may even remember the good ole days of the friendly Geo Cities community.

I didn’t know what to do, as this so-called “hobby” was costing me a huge sum of money to help people who I didn’t even know.

Mind you, even the “Internet” was just considered a trend back then, so it didn’t make any sense to continue my hobby. One year later, a website called “Game Spot” popped up, which essentially did the same thing I did, review video games.

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