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Walking in the desert, she and Amir see a man she thinks is an Arab, and fearfully sprint back home; he turns out to be a relative of one of her neighbors.

Yifat, needing a break from the intense dating scene, moves out to a settlement.When Hodaya becomes non-observant—has sex, stops keeping kosher, stops observing the Sabbath—she never quite feels a part of the secular world: She may have split with God, but her friends still understand things about her the non-religious can’t.She’s still welcome at Shabbat dinner—even if no one will drink the wine she brings, because she brought it over in a Shabbat-breaking taxicab.In the meantime, from all the team at Country Living, happy dating! This gives you the option to depart easily should you decide your date is not for you.Susy Smith Editor-in-Chief, Country Living Decide what you want from on-line dating. You can always order a second cup if things are going well.

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The caddish guy who ghosts after a one-night stand is a common enough type to be the bogeyman of modern love, but Nati’s bad behavior is exceptionally heartbreaking are also, relatively speaking, feminists: They have careers they care about, want to be able to read Torah, and have equal if not greater say in their romantic relationships.) American sitcoms talk the talk of empowered singlehood, while circling back again and again to the same love stories. Excluding Hodaya (Tali Sharon), the daughter of a rabbi beginning to become non-observant, the characters are not conflicted about their relationship with God.

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