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Recordset Dim s QRY As String Dim str File Path As String str File Path = “C:\Database Folder\my DB.accdb” rs. Open s QRY, cnn, ad Open Static, ad Lock Read Only Application. Learning anything new has always been my passions and if its related to Business and Technology then, I love it.

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2 - API The API appears cool, but I have no experience with these data sources and have has little luck online.

Do you know if I can get Excel to query API and return data?

It appears there are two available data sources: 1 - For one off queries (which is typically me) - Once I query an ICP once via the website form, the data is downloadable at icp here)Once this CSV is available online, import into Excel is simple.

== Dim result As String Dim my URL As String Dim my ICP As String Dim win Http Req As Object Set win Http Req = Create Object("Win Http. Value my URL = " Data/single/? Simply call the function "=get ICPdetail( cell with icp in it )" This places the string in a cell.

This concludes our information on exporting and importing data from an access database to and from Excel.

Much of the information has been general in nature but I’ve tried to simplify this as much as is possible.

(refer to previous tutorials is if you are having difficulty with this) Because we will be referencing a file path to the Access database and that file path could change because the database could be moved to another folder or to a network drive we want to make that part a flexible part of our code.

To do this we will put the file path into a cell reference and then reference that cell location to gain the path at any time or location.

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In this tutorial I will demonstrate how you can use an Excel userform to be able to export data to a Microsoft access database.

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